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Our additional site http://www.Regenprotec.org has been up and running now since January 2016, hopefully and thankfully it is proving good for some or many of you with different delivery options available on both sites. We have continued to add recipes and shall try to even further when possible, though as many of you will know the new website features the more recent recipe suggestions. There is no harm in checking it out too. You might like the music choices on the site and some of the other facilities which are not possible directly on this site (apart from the cloud link at top of page) but we have included links on this site to that music page. It is a seperate differently formatted site which may attract some or be easier to navigate or prefereble.

More choice for you ultimately.


It is hoped that the sites can be a stepping stone with the recipes on the Regenprotec org site specifically as a second stepping stone but they are now included on this site too in the far menu under 25/10p1.



It has been a pleasure to still have our two google ads on our Regenprotec.org site. Thank you Google and those who advertise with them.

Our Facebook page www.Facebook.com/Regenprotec still has a steady placement and our Twitter page has considerable many great friends and associations. Thank you!  Also, our video links via our site and our Youtube page, they are an interesting compilation and include our own few videos too. We hope you like our videos and music choices. Also don't forget the soundcloud above the menu on the first page, log in, choose your music and enjoy the site at the same time, or go to our video page if using a pc, click on a video and let the selection run and log back into the site on another tab.


We have recently also added our own market site which has seen little use, so it would be good if you are interedted in that.  Our relationship with Paypal goes a long way back and the market site is Paypal Registered. Please do feel free to check it and the new recent changes via the Market Information link in the menu. It is hoped that you will not only enjoy it but what can happen as result of it gaining popularity.

It won't cost anything to sell or even set up a store. The site has options to sell,or place for auction your things you'd like to sell.


Thank you!


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