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Certainly a little treat and the tomatoes were almost past their best


You know when you've got tomatoes in fridge and every day you get concerned because they'll go off.


There were maybe 6 and they were very almost past their best.


Put water into a deep saucepan, Some chopped garlic, onions, dried chillies, one vegetable stock cube, two tablespoons of tomato puree and some ground black pepper.


Then add two vegetarian sausages chopped.


Once boiled, switch off heat and leave to sit in the pan. Should be nice on pasta or on mashed potato and topped and grilled off with maybe a layer of mozzarella or another cheese. Or you could try mozzarella and a even just a few pieces of feta cheese on top. No oil added.


If a meat eater, you could add one chopped rasher of streaky bacon or even a small amount of chopped chicken a little chopped cooked pork, even half a chopped beefburger could do it. 4-8 servings.


The sausage used in this is vegetarian sausage. With this if adding cheese, if adding buttery spread to mash, or butter, no more than half a level tablespoon.


I think it would be quite fine. Enjoy the taste of the potato. Yum


With hindsight i might have preferred to add an extra vegetarian sausage but it was fine.


Some might be trying to economise on fuel bills etc or be more prepared in case as weather reports suggest, it gets colder or can't get out so easily, this if cooked properly should sustain for a while even if it gives you a little extra push i hope to get things done.


Delicious microwaved or if left covered in the refrigerator, that'll mean a few trips to the refrigerator, but i promise, you'll enjoy it.


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