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Misc data


It isn't that we are bored with nothing better to do.


But i thought i would fill you in on some of this sites visits data.


Websites usually have their own visitor counters on them which inform their owners how many visits their sites are receiving.


Ours does not say from where or even from which country. It simply clocks over each time someone visits this site. It does not say how many pages the visitor visits.


For more advance site datametrics such as country of visit and durations spent on sites and individual pages go to the Google Analytics site where you can find information on individual websites if they are registered with Google which we are.


In March 2013 we set our own site counter at zero which means that it registers every visit. Yours will be registered for example but only as a number / your computers IP address number. But on our files at Regenprotec we just see an extra visit today, so thank you. Our counter may say for example yesterday  240637 and on this particular day it was:  240944.


Site creation date: February 2. 2012


On:  29.08.2014 (14.11pm)  = 240984

Our 2015 count was: = 306129

27.12.2016 Regenprotec.com:  362572 . 12th May 2017 382387


Our site counter states that since March 2013 there have now been 382387 seperate/ (unique) visits to this site.


Our Regenprotec.org site which was set up in January 2015 has a site counter on the front page/Homepage: On 27.12.2016 it read: 20573 unique visits .  On 12th May 2017  28884


As of today 27.12.2016: Our other site www.Muchmoreforyou.com which was set up three years ago presently has had 61616 visitors.  12th May 2017 69824


As at 2nd of July 2017: Our present Twitter follower number is slightly in excess of 162000


Thank you (We have photographic evidence of some readings but shall add then any day now anyway where an actual site counter is not visible or achievable by us to add to site for you to see the counter.