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Is it a project?

It is inspired.

Click here to visit the other new site

Please scroll down to the bottom of the page on the new site to read the site information.

In brief:


We may have to lose the market site in 2019 because in inactivity, i had hopes for it and because i still believe it has a genuine future supportively.


Yes, some of you will be aware of our new site www.Reginpired.com. There is no ssl security on the site at the moment, so your own personal online security and that of your own Paypal account will be important if you decide to use the site. I hope to have ssl integration within the next two months so it will be https://www.Reginspired.com and not http.www.  SSL verification is not required here. There is a link via the menu, or see the link at bottom of this page. 


Once on the site, scroll to the foot of the page to read the site information. Thank you.

I was proposed to a month go but even until  22.11.2018 it turned out to be a scam, hence the most recent 'my ditties'. Via the menu. Though in UK, huge thank you to The Embassy of Belgium in Cote Divoire. It was important to get things in order.


On November 1, we said that we may be moving to https from our present http. In order to alleviate any confusion on this.....https websites do have encrypted data, this is safer when making online purchases on these websites or if they have a chat element where personal information is 'requested'. If there is notification that  the sites are  Not secure, this is only applicable on such sites ONLY. WE DO NOT HAVE CHAT FACILITY AND WE DO NOT SELL GOODS OR REQUEST SUBSCRIPTIONS.


This therefore will be important if you choose to use the market site, although Paypal do have https.


If you are ever on a website and for example...... they use Paypal, Paypal you will see has https 'on the link' to 'their site' anyway.


If you would like to be supportive in the cost of switching the site to https until it can fend for itself, there is a paypal/me link in tthe menu, or simply log into your own Paypal account and indicate our email address as payee when asked.  Thank you.


The new website is not the priority,

the priority is you.

Click here to see our About page

Either way, i hope you do realise an opportunity?