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Nom Penny 'Across blazing trials'. A book by P Fontanouie

In this day and age, is it really just so easy to say 'get another scribe'. You are very strong, more than you realise. Ok, Nom Penny, was religiously and probably inspired by a real and astute deep faith. Or was it written simply so this could be said during these difficult times? So who wrote it was then, and is of no actual consequence at all, because their use then, would have been only to write it. It may now have something of a purpose. Wow, so it's an advertising banner? But if in becoming an advertising banner with purpose, it removes any relevance surely? So, it was always a gesture of appreciation and of goodwill in very difficult times, or of desperation itself. Or was it a peculiar shift of pure fantasy and folly as some believed the Cottingly Fairies to have been?


Enjoy! Stay strong amidst the coronavirus crisis.


If P Fontanouie is a nom de plume, could the name P Fontanouie have been inspired by knowledge of a past existence of Peter the rock, the apostle St.Peter? The nom de plume name choice was then presumably, the choice of the pen pusher, the writer, the/a limping and somewhat so very humbled, penniless, impoverished, snivelling and of the worst kind, miserable and ungrateful and embittered sad scribe. Surely not pure fabrication? Or was it? Would such circumstances give no other option then, other than to 'imply' that this story is, or could be all fabrication, no choice? In such a case, is it fear? But of what? So why take that risk at all? So is that/ would the acts present as sheer stupidity or a pathetic bravery attempt? If it informs others, or us, or you? Should then the situation have been too easily and conveniently ignored and walked away from, as if none of it happened at all? But what if there were such strict rules and if the person who was the scribe could never actually ever mention it. So their only way of saying it all was to write it? Would you then be wrong to read it, if it was written for you, in order that if you yourself want to, that you can? But it's written word? So was the writing of it illegal. Did the scribe survive? Was something being carefully hidden, or cleverly, where survival took precedence, forever so very embarrassingly for some, airbrushed away. Was it bullying? And what if it was bullying to the point where the scribe had suffered such trauma that it had resulted in, and ultimately then rendered an inability to speak about it?

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Enjoy! Stay strong, and amidst the coronavirus crisis.

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If sales happen, I do have plans to help some of you or some you may know. Very very real plans. The main thing is, I believe the book, all sixteen varied chapters of it, is value for money anyway, and especially now. The fact is, if I were to say that there have been no sales as downloads, unless free via some kindle deals, in spite of 5303 hits at last check, and if I said I am financially penniless, you'd probably laugh. I could then say, but i know many are like it at the moment. It's a strange temporary normality, try not to worry. If I say I want to try help you, I can only say things as i believe they are? The book is a loaded prospectual experience with some horrible moments and fun too, but think tolerances if reading it, that's why it was written precisely as it was. I'm not being funny, one of my only failings presently, is that unfortunately I don't lie. So it doesn't matter anyway? It's all in the story. If I say it all now here, there would have been no point in having that moment, of opportunity in time to write it. I would actually like to just put it here now, especially with finances as they are generally. I created quite a few free to use self help websites. The only problem with it is, that I get the bills too on them all to keep them operational. And I would so really like to write another book too. But a surprise for those who like this book, so whether it can happen, I cannot say presently. As for Coronavirus, 'without prejudice' were there signs there, yes in this seemingly insignificant book? You can check on Amazon sites the original publication date. Could it have been too, that 'unbeknown' to me, a strange almost synonymous situation was being possibly voiced through this work, told.


As extremely so odd to me it sounds, 'a call' of a kind, an insight, but in the context of, as a visionary might warn of possible dangers. The problem then would be, if I didn't notice then, why should you or anyone else have noticed? Nom Penny by P Fontanouie. So 'technically', if a discerning reader, or someone with an understanding; maybe he didn't have other things on his mind after all? He has amazed me now! It's so humbling! Even if it's not possible that you download the book, it has been very lovely to meet you, even if briefly. Yes, i'm in lockdown here too, very much so. I have enjoyed this advertising promotional experience with Facebook. Great to meet you!