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Is it a project?

It is inspired.

Irrespective of any or your own beliefs, there were times when i have prayed and often when things have been so bad. I cannot actually say whether things improved, like when the last of my cats passed away a few weeks ago and i'd have done anything, there were days in recent years when she seemed well and was doing all of the things cats do normally and i thought she was dying. In recent months this happened again. As it did with her sister a year ago in winter time and their sister the year before that. They lived to be 16,17 and 18 respectively.


I'd look at them and say "come on we can get through this" and more recently, when i put furniture in front of my windows to prevent draughts in an endeavour to get the last of my cats through the winter because of what happened last year. And as the same as last year i got her to the vet in time and it was a final goodbye but im glad i got to the vet and as the vet said, she possibly had a cancer and it would have been an agonising death for her and unkind to think it was ok if she died at home even if with issues of age and if she seemed happy etc.


Yes there were moments when i prayed.

Or meditated but im sure it was a prayer. I also prayed quietly for inspiration regarding Regenprotec and its progress in recent years.


I can not ascertain whether things happened or not or whether anything will change but i have got another site up and i hope you'll like the name and the site too.


I hope you can be supportive because my shoulder and arm ache so very much.


This new site will be associated to this site and our Regenprotec.org site for now.  So i hope you can maybe get involved somehow, i feel i want to try a kind of word of mouth way of dealing with things on the site initially, it seems right somehow.


I hope what i said on this page has not put you off but i would rather say how it has been than lie.  Thank you. Plus, my arm and shoulder do really hurt so much at the moment. Its ok. Read the details on the site and try to support if you can. Thank you!


(Item finally posted 03.03.2018@ 15.23GMT).

Click here to visit the new site

Scroll down to the bottom of the page on the new site to read the site information.