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I started on some ditties, i hope they make you smile

Brush like a pro he said, brush like a pro,

his own teeth on the side in a glass.


I said i'm still doing two minutes each time and asked if he'd not cause alarm.


He then said my elbows are as rough as my knees although i only did them a week earlier.


It's then that i imagined the hairs in the sink and though not as dark i thought curlier.


Wide-eyed and trying to find my glasses to peek, for the present he said he had bought me, i looked on the bed and it was empty and then, i'd remembered that dream.


It did caught me.


So, not so disgusting i read as my fingers did poise, i just cleaned the piano?


Or was it an oboe or a potters wheel, no clay so it doesn't really matter.


A recipe or two but no trip to a zoo, as finances said one and not other.


But there is something to read and laugh at and eat, should some dwell on such laurels and fatter.

A penny my love, a penny my love, my love can you spare but a penny.


I ain't got no change he happily replied, but don't leave me now without any.


They stayed for a mo and looked at each other, thick skin of their mouths 'stained' by the feel of the cold.


She looked in her purse and said 'a ye got more change n that', if i may be so bold, sure it's chillin, but my hearts all a flutter.


He said 'do ask if you dare, thoughst charmin young lady, still say all that mind you think can but utter'?


So with eyes wide open and a heart all a flutter, and lips so stained by the feel of the cold, one looked at the other and said with a smile,


'you really really ain't yet so old'.

It was lovely today, to receive,

a visit from A lady, Rushington-Smeeth,


who upon sharing a letter, 'exclaimed' for the better,


and that privacy by precept decree.


She didn't like sugar and not even fancies and did laugh when i offered a crumpet,

and looked so very kindly as i dipped bread in yeast extract and before i did ask 'how is that tum pet'?

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