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Page 5 of  ditties, you still think i'm not going to do the next recipe?  I shall, apart from one ingredient, it's freezer stuff.

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Just time to nip in for a roll, my back and legs are hurting.


The man in the shop is always nice, his hot and cold wife often spurting.


A person buying cough candy said quite loudly "my car is parked outside".


As we left saw a car as went to catch the bus, but i thought oh how i hope the person was not as unwell as us?


My friend Sue has a cold too and a scarf around her neck, she works for the council and is seldom at home, though the needs of her troop all seem met.


Never complaining and rarely alarmed she smiles as she uses her pass. We find a seat, and with a sigh i'm glad to rest my hurting body.


Arriving at the centre we grabbed some tea and made some friendly acquaintance. It was a smarter conference about how hard done by some are, and worth taking time away for.


Though the chat was quite nice and we left quite thoughtful, as Sue pulled from her pocket a hanky, then she said with a smile and of the speakers scent of cough candy, how nice that it was and how swanky.