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Page 3 of ditties, you think i'm not going to do the next recipe?  I actually am getting around to it.

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Not each but both:


A photo was sent en-route from France, and was i impressed by the red and yellow hat.


To a destination, that at a glance, i had heard of from past and that. That being harsh and unruly attention from some who without care can cause playful tension.


A hardness disguised with smiles and well meaning, though we did try to move on both cleaning and preening.


So we think this is different and one week later, you remember that photo and enquire as to data.


Yellow hat and a monument you don't forget well. Especially when the wearer you ask cannot tell.


But it was their home, a residence for years they'd said. In a conversation one evening by text, on a bed.


How could anyone not know The Eiffel Tower and in a city where you spent so many an hour? That red and yellow hat. How's that!


Then they say "Bye bye bye bye" and you feel almost 'had'.


But no, really  by default, a very temporary disdained type of sad.

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And yes, it still hurts

I really am getting around to it. Honestly? I was experimenting with par-boiled baby potatoes, tiny oil or teaspoon of butter spread with some dried rosemary and ground black pepper, then place onto oven shelf for 20 minutes.


Set alarm on oven or on phone if you don't have alarm on oven if you have problem sitting up please.

The next day, reheat them and maybe add a teaspoon of garlic puree. Garnish with ground black pepper, or  tomato.    Mmmmmmmmmmm.