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Page 2 of ditties, but will i do anymore i wonder? I hope you like

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It wasn't such a burning deck, glad he didn't succumbe to the weather.


He'd had two days off in his decorating work, were his boots still covered in red paint?


It looked quite confusing as i buttered his toast, yes breakfast because i thought affections were turning.


Then his phone rang, i choked, then realised indeed, that i was the fool and still learning.

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Ok we don't need to change our sites to https for reasons as outlined on our homepage on this site. If we needed to, we would have to change our sites and remove some of your options because we would not be able to afford the changes even at £2.50 pcm per site at the moment. But we don't need to.


We are glad though now, that in 2016 we created some christmas cards that you can copy and paste onto card or copy and send free via email:

Our christmas cards on our .org site


They'll tempt you, they'll tease you, they'll grip you, they'll bite you.

They'll send photos to convince you they travel.

They'll have you feeling as though you're completely wrong in all you say.

That merchant of yesterday.

They'll promise you, and you'll wonder about it, they'll twist it and often ask the same questions again and again. It'll wear you thin. Or maybe not?

You're that love of their life and the very keeper of their heart.

That merchant of yesterday.

But you gave them not a penny, a dime or cent or yen. How close were you, or only now and then?

                                                  That merchant of yesterday?

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