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Diary notes:

Please also understand that although i have remarked about easing off or cutting back on some food groups for a while and recommended on some of the site pages, neither i nor Regenprotec or Nostarving.com are would or can realistically blame any particular food group at all. That would be a horrendous thing to imply or suggest and to do so would contravene the ethos of Regenprotec.


I still wouldn't mind a bit of a cake like the cake (photo on this page), i'd totally love it.


I went to shop earlier and i could have got two small wholemeal baguettes or a small loaf but i looked on it as a total break from what had been my regime and a treat, so i purchased one small baguette.


You can think of a bread roll and a baguette which is cosiderably smaller than a french stick. You can cut the baguette in half and then slice the baguette in half again (4 small meals). Yes so i forgot to get some lettuce, but tomato with no butter or margerine at moment is just as good.

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One baguette cut in half and sliced again in the middle with a tomato and a black coffee but it could be water too.


That's 4 small meals over two days, and yes some could well think 'ok but what with it'?


This is why i put this site together.


Educate your tummy to expect smaller amounts.


It's achievable. I'll post.

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