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It was the first time i attempted a run since heart op in 2010.

It has taken me this long to even brave it enough to attempt to try.

Click here

Posted: 27.10.2015


Cycling: Love it or hate it, though i don't understand how anyone could actually hate it unless going uphill or if cycling through sand but the facts seem to declare so readily that cycling is good for us.


In fact apparently for every hour you put into cycling you apparently add an extra hour to your life? Interesting concept and it certainly gives way to the cliche or practice of keeping busy and pre-occupied but everything proportionately and there would be many factors to consider lifestylewise and abilitywise. I would even say moderately until accustomed to a different regime entirely from that which you may presently be used to.


Statistics indicate that an 'average' female could burn off approximately 18kilocalories per one minute of fairly strenuously paced cycling and an 'average' male 22. So in an hour might burn off a small cake or doughnut (doughnuts are usually deepfried before tossed into or sprinkled with sugar/at least that's how i used to make them, yummy too).


Marc Van Woudenberg is Netherlands Cycling Ambassador.

To see how they do it there click on this link.

Amsterdamize? Mountaineer smiles

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