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Some brave cold tips

There can be many reasons why we tend to eat more or different types of food in winter, when its cold, we get the draught excluders out, the heating tends to be switched on or we at least try to keep our legs and feet warm if sitting on the couch. Hot drink? Of course and we sometimes think of the businesses and those we know and hope that they are doing well too. Maybe its an natural instinct too that we tend to help each other and somehow together we hope to get through winters especially harsh ones. As for myself, i have had cats for some years and i have always been worried about winters or maybe i sensed their inherent animal instinct fears of the cold and its perils. Most pets grow a winter coat and so naturally as instinctive we might want to throw more clothes on or feel somehow that we need to eat that little bit more as an extra layer of support somehow against the cold and it's very real dangers, especially if in an at risk group for example or if vulnerable. We are inherently aware of the risk element of winter and however we dress it, if we don't be careful we will possibly be open to colds and flus and shivers if we do not. I now have no cats even though very very careful.












Often many and sometimes for other reasons such as economics will avoid the cold, we know that the heating bills increase and our winter wardrobe inevitably gets an airing even if we brave the cold to call in to see how staff are at our local eateries and establishments, some also consolidate efforts and focus on matters closer to home. Many are or can be less active than usual but does that mean we compensate with overeating or is it about having fun and trying to do more at a time when we may not be feeling like a jog around the park. Too, you may have lost , i lost a cat last year and my other cat this year and my father passed away in November so it can too be a time of reflection, it isn't nice attending your fathers funeral on 19 December or indeed any other day. It would do no harm to try to do the odd bit of exersize and not to create an excuse not to, however confident you may believe yourself to be. I'm sure you are confident too but you, even if a naturist for example are not likely to be sitting there with nothing on presently and no heating on.


Have you ever wondered whether staying that extra bit active instead of sluggish might actually improve your mental and physical agility?


Try to walk to the shops instead of taking the car if you have one and it's not too far.


It also uses more calories to keep warm and do things in the colder weather  and radiators can make us dehydrated, it is good to place a container of cold water on top of a radiator to help with evaporation but be careful if you have children or pets.


I have had cramping in my calves recently but there are other signs too of dehydration such as even the colour of your urine, darker urine colour than normal can be a sign of dehydration but too if you have been changing your drinking regime anyway.  Some might prefer to be drinking caffeine fre drinks for velocity and not even realise that they have been drinking way less coffee than they usually might have otherwise done.


I found that i tried to eat more bake your own bread this winter but i cut out many of the other foods that i might usually like to try, to seethe overall affet and to see how i might deal with any issues it presented but that there are the many great soups and foodstuffs on our websites and others which will have helped, moderation is still a key factor but so is your own ability to control your habit or structure.


Be sure to add salad and greenstuff, don't keep it all as somewhat or possibly considered as  fuzzy total comfort food. Make changes and think very positively. I have enjoyed even bread with lettuce and a sliced tomato with fruit tea infusion.  Think of hobbies and interests too which may not involve cooking or food or general slumberness. Daffodils and other bulbs won't germinate unless the temperture goes low enough, i hope it did and that your winter was very nice and that you may plan your spring positively. Maybe too, smile like happy daffodil maybe.