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Welcome to this site blog


This blog page was added a while ago now and since then the site name changed to Regenprotec.com.


The site has also changed considerably.


We welcome any remarks, comments, tips or observations.


Thank you indeed.

By Jena Honeysnow, Oct 11 2016 02:47PM

We are sorry that here hasn't been a huge take up on our sites online Market site but we are glad that we kept our costs as low as possible with the creation of the economic recipes on our sites. We hope the Market may pick up in time but as we so truly know, we cannot expect people to sell on a market what they haven't actually got to sell.

By Jena Honeysnow, Oct 10 2016 11:04AM

We hope you are all ok with your weightloss and eating strategy regimes. Treat yourself at this time of year to a carton or two of unsweetened concentrated orange juice ,no mor than one per week for a few weeks if using Regenprotec Strategy. Moderation is key in all of your eting regimes and it has to be balanced with workload and exersize where at all possible.

By Jena Honeysnow, Aug 27 2013 03:53PM

I had made two applications in the past to Google Adsense and i wrote an article on it on this website www.JenaHoneysnow.com Google Adsense accepted my application today. Thank you Google! I hope that my article may be of assistance to others considering applying or who may have been turned down initially. Thank you again Google!!!!!!!!!!

By Jena Honeysnow, Jan 30 2013 01:58PM

Google adsense rejection? Need a word of advice or some encouragement.JenaHoneysnow.com/updates/Google adsense rejection.

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