Before Christmas 2018, although it was difficult, I made Mr.Sheep (below) out of bits of recycled card. I did a new photo of him recently with the meeces that belonged to my cats when I had cats, some of you'll know that I had some lovely cats but unfortunately they were mainly from two litters so, maybe it was an inevitable horror that when one of them died six years ago, that during the next few years, each year for the next four, at around this time or in December, I lost another cat until the last one died three years ago. The mice in the photo here were theirs. Then my father passed away in November 16 two years ago.


Winters can be very harsh, so please be careful and yes, check up even if by text on some you may know.


I started thinking a year ago about plastic items which do not recycle well, even keeping lids from jars, in case one day I may use them. I started making this from a detergent bottle and a philadelphia cheese lid using paper mache'. It is not easy, neither is this typing presently and I still have not finished the more recent paper mache' item as you'll see. It's surprising but I have for example discovered that some paper glues easier than others, and that there are glues which are non toxic so that children or animals would not be harmed if they should come into contact with it.


It may be a while before I finish this item but I am trying, even now I am feeling quite dizzy and tearful too, but I promised I would update you. The mice thought they were going away for a few days last week you see, but it transpired that they were not and as you can see, they were all quite ready.


Some months ago, many of us heard about what was happening in the rainforest with fires. I was an unhappy bunny regarding all of that. Last night I had a nightmare about some men chasing a small monkey and saw how horrible some can be.


I decided to attempt to finish this piece in time dedicating it and quietly and personally to the rainforest.

Also, is a photo of Mr.Sheep a year ago and more recently with the mice. Also, try if you can to support this book available on Amazon, Kindle and Amazon Unlimited and available as a download too on their website. I heard that there might be the very odd  rare glitch in some of the print inside this edition. There is another book on the way too, I am quite reliably informed. On this book, 'Nom Penny', adult, new ideas, logic, creative/awareness, so not suitable for anyone seventeen or younger, or lower end of gaduate scale if in USA which I think is around grade 12.  It's a nice stocking filler with some funny moments, ideal if you like to have a read snuggled up, but it's quiet a deep read but not a hard, 'a challenging effort' some might think, and indeed they may. I'll keep you updated.


And btw, aloe vera 'neat', and then rubbing in the smallest amount of shea butter can help with totally chaiffed skin that does not respond to other lotions and creams. But please, consult with your GP or medical advisor, as sometimes there also can be an underlyng issue too, even something like a vitamin deficiency, especially if there are pre-existing medical/ health concern. I am saying this in case any of you cannot get out over the winter, it may help or prevent worstening and possible infection 'if untreated'.  Did you know that some plants and bulbs will not germinate unless temprerature gets low enough?

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