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Another dimension

Since i was 17 i had enjoyed an occasional drink (alcohol)  but i started writing this on 5th December 2016 as i had unexpectedly stopped drinking alcohol three months earlier.  I had until that time been still drinking alcohol every 7-10 days or so but considerable amounts. I had some very difficult situations to deal and my alcohol consumption seemed to increase with that. I had also previously stopped smoking six months before having a heart operation some years ago, the year before i started this site. 'If' there are any of you thinking 'how wonderful for you'.  Honestly, i do believe that you mean it and that  you can start the same process now too.


Many of the recipes thus far will have been created with myself having been a drinker throughout.


I am still adding more on this too just in case anyone needs help on it.


I may even keep a kind of diary as i did when i first started Regenprotec.


Thank you!

First written on: 05.12.2016

Today 28 December, Still haven't drank.

February 8th 2017 I still haven't drank alcohol.




May this image of a lovely butterfly on a budleigha branch somehow support you in

thinking positively with every next step on your journey.

A further update shall be posted soon but don't worry.

The photo was taken at my former home, i do not have a garden here.


Regarding this article: I shall update here but how i want to deal with writing this

matter up and how for my own reasons i know that how i want to see this matter

produced for you can (because of site facilities available) be better presented on

our Regenprotec.org site, i shall be posting the whole article and follow ups on that site.

Also because for some who maybe are considering losing weight or quitting smoking or quitting alcohol, one step at a time!

Maybe start with diet first and then smoking and then drinking alcohol but do it carefully!


If in UK, for help with quitting smoking please go to our site www.Muchmoreforyou.com or see the link in the menu.


                                                                      I'll keep you posted.

 For further updates on this item, please visit Regenprotec.org directly or via the link on this page



What's happened regarding this since 28th December 2016