Christmas / Seasonal greetings

For a little while now i have been mentioning a new suggestion. I have been quite busy. But i shall add it now. This isn't the cooked recipe for you because i would have preferred to have put it onto a different bowl and presented a more easy photo to you but that's how it happens sometimes unfortunately. I'll also include a tip or two and add some news of yesterday which was the Winter Solstice and a few photos that i hope you willl like.

That new suggestion, so simple but it is so tasty.


Half teaspoonful-level tablespoonful of crushed chillies

3/5 fish pieces from a pack of fish soup/stew mix from frozen section of supermarket

1.5-2 tablespoons of tomato puree

One level teaspoonful of mustard powder

Conchiglie pasta (approximately 310 grams)

A drip of vegetable oil or a quarter level teaspoon of a butter spread

Optional: Half vegetable stock cube

Optional: One tin of chopped italian plum tomatoes

Put pasta into saucepan of cold water, add twice the volume of water to pasta. When you feel that it is half way through cooking, tip much of the water out leaving water barely covering the pasta and reduce the heat, in time, i think you will know how to have even smaller volume of remaining water in saucepan but adjust the heat. Add the dried chillies and oil or butter spread and the mustard powder and the tomato puree and the optional ingredients if you want to. You might like to try it without them first. Also take just a few of the fish pieces from the bag of fish soup mix. Allow to simmer untl the fish s cooked on a low heat. Delicious hot or even cold if left in a saucepan with a lid on it. It thickens up nicely after a few hours and the servings are 4-6


I was going to add a plain natural yogurt but i decided to have that as a seperate meal. I didn't too, but you might even like to have some pineapple after with a coconut biscuit. Very nice. And sparkling mineral water.

Some real small pieces of feta cheese crublde onto it could be very very nice on it too. No salt necessary but a little ground black pepper can be nice.

Photos below (or above if using some mobile devices):


So, you had a take away and decided not to eat all of the delicious chilli sauce.Or, you have some in your cupboard. Great news!

Have you tried boiled parsnips with chilli sauce. It's that time of year! The fragrance of the parsnips boiling is wonderful.

Of course there is a new recipe on the way, i discovered it when i was thinking what to maybe leave for reindeer. I had some butter beans that were in my cupboard a long time, i soaked them overnight and sure they plumped out. Then i coooked them with some pearl barley for an hour or more but on a low heat. The pearl barley grew to four times as big. Then they were drained. The butter beans were a tiny vague bit crunchy but fine. Try then stirring into it a asparagus cup soup mix. Delicious. It is better served warm but it heats up ok in the microwave. You will need a little salt on it, but not too much. I didn't do a photo of it, i didn't get a chance to.

No doubt you could try other soup flavours in it too. Yum

Below are our four winter solstice photos for you. Whether indoors/out, don't forget thermos flasks can help you save and keep some with warmth!

Our 2018 Christmas, Seasonal Greetings video

Hope you all enjoy a wonderful fun/safe time.