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Don't forget!!!

If using this site or Regenprotec as a weightloss strategy, please only one sage and onion stuffing ball per serving and not so much ice cream if you use some with the pastry angle to this recipe.

Served cold here: As you can see, the pastry version does hold it's own. I did not have any ice cream but i know it would have tasted spectacular with one spoonful of vanilla icecream on the side. It also keeps if covered in the fridge with foil overnight.

You can i promise you even enjoy this with gravy.

The stalks of the broccolli taste great too and if you wanted to also add meat though it honestly tastes quite amazing....

You might like to try beef certainly......or turkey.

I never eat lamb and it may be not dry enough a meat to use in this, but you could try that too if you eat it.

Above all, enjoy the holiday season.

Wherever you are.

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Seasons Greetings! And thank you!